Family Consulting


The world of youth hockey has evolved into a complex and stressful environment, where the best interest of a young athlete is seldom a priority. At every level of youth hockey, the recruitment process of players demands an extensive amount of time and effort from both players and parents alike. Even if the parents of young hockey players are capable of meeting these strenuous demands, they are often misinformed and uneducated about the various opportunities available for their child.

A young player’s emotional and behavioural growth plays a crucial role in the outcome of his athletic development. In order to achieve a successful hockey career, each player must fully understand what is expected of him both on and off the ice and what is required of him in order to reach his full potential.

CEM surrounds each player and his family with a positive support system in order to ensure that each player’s academic performance and social life are consistently aligned with his athletic development and overall well-being.

Every player and every family have different values and goals to consider when making important decisions for that player’s development and career. That is why CEM presents its players with every available option throughout a young player’s development and helps each family make the best career choice for their child.

CEM is proud to have established an extensive network of trusting and lasting relationships with coaches, general managers, and athletic directors of all the major junior hockey organizations and some of the most distinguished American prep schools and universities of the NCAA.

With an undying sense of commitment and dedication, Chad Levitt regularly travels across Quebec and the American Northeast to support his roster of players by personally watching their games, monitoring their progress, and providing feedback from coaches and general managers alike.

Our family consulting services are unrivaled in the hockey management and consulting industry, which lays the foundation for the rapid growth and success of CEM. At CEM, we provide players and their families with all the necessary tools to succeed in the pursuit of each player’s athletic and academic careers.