Chad Levitt

Chad Levitt is the President and CEO of Cutting Edge Management. Certified as an official player agent by the NHLPA in 2017, Chad’s involvement with hockey is multifaceted as a player and as an advisor.

Chad holds a law degree, a License in Law (LL.L), from the University of Ottawa. He furthered his legal education by taking additional law courses at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, before completing a second law degree, a Juris Doctorate (J.D), from the University of Montreal. Chad’s legal education, coupled with his innate entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills, have allowed him to forge an impressive network of trustworthy contacts in both the amateur and professional hockey communities, a network he continues to build every day.

For the past seven years, Chad has devoted himself to helping young hockey players further their hockey careers. He has set up an innovative and highly revered summer training camp welcoming players from across the globe, providing on-ice and off-ice training in a variety of disciplines by some of hockey’s the esteemed coaches and trainers.

Chad is a proven negotiator and a skilled player advocate. He takes great pride in the results that his team of young players have enjoyed both on and off the ice.

Cutting Edge Management (CEM) is a leading hockey management and consulting company that represents young elite hockey players in their pursuit of reaching their dream – to become a professional hockey player.

Seven years since its inception, CEM has exploded onto the youth hockey scene of Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States. CEM is quickly gaining notoriety as the most dynamic company of its nature by providing its players with the most comprehensive and multi-faceted junior hockey development program in the industry.

While other similar management groups are quick to advertise their “personalized approach”, Chad Levitt’s 24-hour availability to his players and their families, his endless commitment to his players’ development from a young age, his ability to customize each player’s development program in order to suit their specific needs and goals, distinguishes CEM from the rest of the competition.